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3 oz Avenger Natural Bed Bug Luggage Spray

3 oz Avenger Natural Bed Bug Luggage Spray
Brand: Continental Chemical USA
Product Code: ANBK-002
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Price: $13.95
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compare-natural-bedbug-controlBED BUG KILLER LUGGAGE SPRAY

  • 100% Natural Non-Pesticide
  • Kills Adults, Larvae & Eggs
  • Child & Pet Safe
  • Easy-To-Use

100% natural, non-pesticide, effective luggage spray!

Avenger Organics Bed Bug Luggage Spray has everything you want... Nothing you don’t!

Traveling is the most common way to unwittingly “adopt” bed bugs. When you arrive home from a trip, these very efficient hitchhikers unpack themselves from your luggage, infest your home and target you as their dinner. Your use of Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer Luggage Spray will help prevent a bed bug infestation. The Luggage Spray is available in a TSA-compliant 3 ounce spray bottle that you can and should take with you whenever you travel.

Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer Luggage Spray is an all natural bed bug killer and it’s proven to eliminate bed bugs without the harsh chemicals found in many traditional treatment methods. After years of research, Avenger Organics developed an exclusive formulation that only contains ingredients that are 100% EPA exempt so it’s environmentally friendly and it’s completely safe for people and pets.

Recent test results indicate a 98% kill rate within 30 minutes and a 100% mortality rate on live bed bugs, larvae and eggs within 3 days. The product’s fresh aroma that’s reminiscent of peppermint and clove is an added bonus.

Before you travel, it’s a good idea to empty your luggage and spray the entire case (inside and out) including all compartments. To stop the bed bugs in their tracks, it’s also a good idea to thoroughly spray again when you return home…before you store your luggage. When used as directed, Avenger Organics Bed Bug Luggage Spray will control your bed bug problem.

Most bed bugs sprays contain Permethrins and Pyrethrins which are serious carcinogens – cancer-causing agents. We believe bed bug sprays should only harm bed bugs – not those who use them or come in contact with them. Using an all natural bed bug killer keeps bed bugs and cancer-causing agents out of your travels.

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